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Excel: Determine substring from text



If you want to determine a certain text from a cell from long Excel lists, then you use several formulas

The best way to create the result of several steps.


If you want to calculate the number as an amount from the text "Final balance: 473,02 €", divide the formulas into the following steps:

Search the beginning of the number

Search end of the number

Make the substring from both positions

Convert the text to a number.


For this you use the formulas

= SEARCH ( "", B3) +1



Search the end of the number

= FIND ( "€" B3) -1


Make the text between beginning and end

= PART (B3; C3; D3-C3)


Convert the text to a number

= Numerical value (E3)



Summary of the formulas

By exchanging the individual cells in the result cell then forms a long complex overall formula.

= NUMBER VALUE (PART (B3; SEARCH ( "", B3) +1 (FIND ( "€" B3) -1) - (SEARCH ( "", B3) +1)))

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