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Small Excel macro, with which you can automatically filter for the active cell via keyboard


To do this, simply copy the code into the staff

Step 1: Alt+F11 ->vba Code

Step 2: Left pane Project >VBAProject (PERSONAL. XLSB)

Step 3: Copy the code here and paste it into the /Module/Module1 folder


Sub FilterNachDieserZelle()

    ' Tastenkombination: Strg+f

    Dim ws As Worksheet

    Set ws = ActiveSheet

    If ws.FilterMode = False Then


        Dim nCol As Integer

        Dim sFilter As String

        Dim cell As Range


        Set cell = ActiveCell

        nCol = cell.Column

        sFilter = cell.Value


        'set Filter

        cell.AutoFilter Field:=nCol, Criteria1:=sFilter



    End If


End Sub



Ein Bild, das Text enthält.
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Enable keyboard combination Ctrl-F


Then, in Excel Menu>Developer Tools >Makros >Macro:FilterSe toSe thiscell->Options->f

Ein Bild, das Tisch enthält.
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