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How to split a date field into year-month-day?


For a structured representation with a date-time field, it makes sense to divide the date into sections.

These can then be used more easily in evaluations and Excel editions.


A date field is divided into date parts in Access using the conversion functions Year (), Month (), and Day ().


dtSearch: Format([dtResult];"Datum, kurz")

Jahr: Jahr([dtResult])

Monat: Monat([dtResult])

Tag: Tag([dtResult])



In SQL Text, the date is divided by the function Year (), Month (), and Day ().

SELECT tbl_SearchKeys.KeyGroup, tbl_SearchKeys.Keywords,

tbl_Results.dtResult, Format([dtResult],"Short Date") AS dtSearch,

Year([dtResult]) AS Jahr, Month([dtResult]) AS Monat, Day([dtResult]) AS Tag

, tbl_Results.Count_Results

FROM tbl_Results INNER JOIN tbl_SearchKeys ON tbl_Results.IDSearchKey = tbl_SearchKeys.IDSearchKey;




The division into individual date sections is helpful when creating reports in Excel Pivot tables.

Because then you have to sort out the date due to technical reasons



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