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I want to call a method in C #, which I temporarily fill with an optional parameter


Solution - an optional parameter in a method is achieved by defining a parameter with the = actual equals sign and a value.

public Task Methode_with_Optional_Parameter(long optParameter = 0)



If you omit the value, then the parameter behaves like a standard parameter, which optionally specifies the default value.





Calling a log method with a default ID

public async Task add_LogView(long IDUser, long IDNote = 0)


    //< Add logtime >

    Note_View_LogModel newLog = new Note_View_LogModel();

    newLog.IDNote = 0;      //0=Liste

    newLog.IDUser = IDUser;

    newLog.dtView = DateTime.Now;


    await _dbContext.SaveChangesAsync();

    //</ Add logtime >



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