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Where can you find for Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition the much advertised by Microsoft
Desktop to UWP Packaging Project
This extension for Visual Studio can be found in most instructions for converting a Win32 application to UWP.
But under the current Visual Studio 2017 the Desktop to UWP Packaging Project can not be found.

The only thing to find the installation is the
Desktop Bridge Debugging Project
As an extension for Visual Studio 2017
A Windows Vista is an application that allows you to create a Windows application
Under the link:
However, you can not convert an application of Windows Forms or WPF into a UWP application, but this project is required to debug the project.
The conversion to UWP must have been carried out beforehand with the DAC Desktop Application Converter or Manual
This extension to Visual Studio 2017 adds support to help build and test Win32 / .NET applications.
Manually converting WPF, Winforms to UWP
Include Windows 10 UWP in Win32 WPF Winforms
Instructions for DAC Desktop App Converter
Desktop Bridge Debugging Project and Not Desktop to UWP Packaging Project VS17
Error in Appxmanifest: rescap: Capability has invalid child element
VS BuildError: Manifest references file win32 ..Exe which is not part of the payload
DesktopAppConverter: E_FEATURE_NOT_AVAILABLE: Required Windows Feature Containers is not Available on your system.
Desktop App Converter to bring WPF to Windows Store


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