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WPF: System.Windows.Interactivity is broken or missing


In a project, the System.Windows.Interactivity reference is showing an error.





Screeshot in the project explorer

This project can not be viewed in the object browser.



One must integrate the package via Nuget

Right-click on References and Manage NuGet Packages ...



Install NuGet Package

Under Browse enter the filter ""


Then choose:

Select the Nuget package: System.Windows.Interactivity.WPF


Microsoft Expression Blend 4 SDK includes new built-in behaviors, which are reusable pieces of packaged code that can be attached to any DependencyObject,

        And then fine-tuned by changing their properties. Behaviors allow you to add interactivity to your applications without having to write any code.

        The Behavior API of triggers classes: Trigger, Action and Behavior.



Project URL as download

Microsoft Expression Blend Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET 4

The Expression Blend software development kit (SDK) contains redistributable components.

[Lnk "" /]


After this, the project is error-free

Error caused by Caliburn Micro
WPF: System.Windows.Interactivity is broken or missing
WPF Error: An error occurred while signing
WPF Registry. DeleteSubKey: System.UnautohorizedAccessException
WPF: UserControl.Name does not use hyphen dashes


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