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Code example in C #, WPF to load a video, which is displayed as thumbnail.


Subject: MediaElement MediaPlayer, Image,Thumbnail, Preview, Video, mp4, mov


        private void add_Video_Image(string sFullname_Path_of_Video)


            //----------------< add_Video_Image() >----------------

            ////*add a mediaElement to List

            MediaElement mediaElement = new MediaElement();

            mediaElement.LoadedBehavior = MediaState.Manual;

            mediaElement.ScrubbingEnabled = true;

            mediaElement.Source = new Uri(sFullname_Path_of_Video);

            mediaElement.Position += TimeSpan.FromSeconds(1);




            //< add >


            //</ add >

            //----------------</ add_Video_Image() >----------------



From the code follow the preview videos as still images as here in the application: Move Images to Subfoldersy by Date




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