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WPF: Read SelectedItem from DataGrid with Dynamic As Anonymous Type



How to evaluate an Coloumn Value in a WPF DataGrid.SelectedItem?



I want to read out the value of a column from a data glauge in WPF. Unfortunately, the evaluation of DataGrid.SelectedItem results in a line from the Type <Anonymous Type> and if you convert the Row into DataGrid.SelectedItem in DataRowView then as a result is always zero returned or the conversion of Anonymus Type into DataRowView is Not possible


Problem conversion SelectedItem


DataRowView row = ctlDataGrid.SelectedItem as DataRowView;

->returns null




Super Solution with C # dynamic.

You can use the time time data type dynamic. This dynamic data type can be used freely for runtime like var variant and you can simply query the columns or fields like a property.

So simply convert SelectedItem into dynamic and then dynamic the column as. Evaluate column. This is easier than forming an array or List of the Type String.


dynamic row = ctlDataGrid.SelectedItem;

sName = row.Nachname;





Excerpt: Debug

The Debug extract shows that in the DataGrid SelectedItem an array of strings results in runtime.

The SelectedItem is from Type <Anonymous Type>








{ Nachname = "Butzer", Maschine = "Drehbank 1", Schichtgruppe = "Schicht 2" }

<Anonymous Type>



Code example on evaluations des ausgewählten Elements in einem WPF DataGrid Selected Item


Private void CtlDataGrid_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)


            //----------< CtlDataGrid_SelectionChanged() >----------

            string sName = "";

            //--< get_DataGrid_SelectedItem >--

            //* get DataGrid.SelectedItem as <Anonymus Type > into c#.dynamic

            //* get Value of dynamic variable simply bei get as named property  like dynamic_value.Field

            if (ctlDataGrid.SelectedItem != null)


                dynamic row = ctlDataGrid.SelectedItem;

                sName = row.Nachname;


            //--</ get_DataGrid_SelectedItem >--


            //< insert button >

            Button btn = new Button();

            btn.Background = new SolidColorBrush(Colors.Red);

            btn.Content = sName;

            //#todo: Event drag drop einfügen


            _srcPanel.Child = btn;

            //</ insert button >



            //----------</ CtlDataGrid_SelectionChanged() >----------




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