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WPF Popup Position: Down, Left to Right
How to place the popup below a UIElement, but from left to right.
If you arrange a WPF popup with the setting Placement = Bottom below a UIElement,
Then the popup itself is placed below the range, but the size extends from right to left.
In Placement = Left, the popup is opened from left to right, but it appears to the top right of the UIElements.
The popup should appear below the UI element, but be expanded from left to right.

Solution by C # Code
You must assign the horizontal and vertical offset to the pop-up before opening.
Please note that the horizontal offset must be from right to left, ie negative.

//< open Popup >
popupFolders.VerticalOffset = BaseControl.ActualHeight;
popupFolders.HorizontalOffset = - BaseControl.ActualWidth;
popupFolders.IsOpen = true;
//</ open Popup >

XAML Code of the range. Here within a UserControl

.. >
<Grid Name="BaseControl" >

<StackPanel x:Name="pnlPath" Orientation="Horizontal" >
<Image x:Name="imgFolder" Source="/wpf_Browse_Folders;component/_images/imgExpand_Right.png" VerticalAlignment="Top" />
<Label x:Name="lblPath" Content="Path" VerticalAlignment="Top" />
<Rectangle Name="posFolders" >


<Popup Name="popupFolders" IsOpen="False" MouseLeave="Popup_MouseLeave"
PlacementTarget="{Binding ElementName=pnlPath}"
<ListBox Name="lstFolders">



Position Bottom:
Popup Placement = Bottom but with stretch to the left

XAML on this example:

<Popup Name="popupFolders" IsOpen="False" MouseLeave="Popup_MouseLeave"
Placement="Bottom" PlacementTarget ="{Binding ElementName=BaseControl}" >
<ListBox Name="lstFolders">

Adding the HorizontalAlignment to the popup is unsuccessful


Position Left
Without the script adaptation, the position = Left parameter positions to the upper right of a UIElement
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