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C #: Windows ScreenShot save as file, Windows Graphics, Desktop


This application in Windows WPF saves the current monitor as a screenshot in a .png file



Video Tutorial


This application in Windows WPF saves the current monitor as a screenshot in a .png file




C # Code in WPF, Win32

private void save_ScreenShot_as_File()


            //------------< save_ScreenShot_as_File() >------------

            //*add reference System.Drawings

            //*using System.Drawing;


            //< init >

            String filename = "ScreenCapture-" + DateTime.Now.ToString("ddMMyyyy-hhmmss") + ".png";

            //</ init >


            //< size >

            int screenLeft = (int) SystemParameters.VirtualScreenLeft ;

            int screenTop = (int) SystemParameters.VirtualScreenTop;

            int screenWidth = (int) SystemParameters.VirtualScreenWidth;

            int screenHeight = (int) SystemParameters.VirtualScreenHeight;

            //</ size >


            Bitmap bitmap_Screen = new Bitmap(screenWidth, screenHeight);

            Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bitmap_Screen);               


            //-< get ScreenShot >

            //*into bitmap as graphics

            g.CopyFromScreen(screenLeft, screenTop, 0, 0, bitmap_Screen.Size);

            //-</ get ScreenShot >


            //< save bitmap >

            bitmap_Screen.Save("C:\\_Daten\\Desktop\\Backgrounds\\" + filename);

            //</ save bitmap >


            //------------</ save_ScreenShot_as_File() >------------





One must integrate Systems.Drawings

using System.Drawing; //for bitmap, screenshot

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