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Debug.Writleine: Where is the output?
Where can I find the output when outputting a value in a Windows Forms application using Debug.WriteLine ("Test")?
Note: Many examples are specified with Console.Writeline (xxx). The consoles issue is automatically obtained with a project of the type: Console.
For Windows Forms, System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine (xxx) is used here
Example of the Debug.WriteLine output:

posStart = sentence_Range.Start + posStart;
posEnd = sentence_Range.Start + posEnd + 2;
//Console.WriteLine("Start=" + posStart + " End=" + posEnd); //*in console app
//*Debug Ausgabe in VS: Output Fenster
System.Diagnostics.Debug.WriteLine("Start=" + posStart + " End=" + posEnd,"Debug.Translate:");
//< set Range >
Word.Range range_Link = doc.Range(posStart, posEnd);
//</ set Range >

If you use Debug more frequently, you should include the Namespace System.Diagnostics.

The debug> output window can be found in Visual Studio at:
Visual Studio -> Menu Bar -> Debug -> Windows-> Output
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Debug.Writeline: Where is the output?


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