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UWP, MAT: How to connect to a text in a Windows app to a language file?
How tie to a text or text output in a Windows app on an international language file?
Under window 10 apps are texts transferred automatically into visible elements at run time, when in Design view the UIElement an x: UID = "eindeutigeID" was entered, and if there is a Resourcen.resw file for this language.
You must insert a custom script for this to take over the function

In the directory strings / {language flag} /. Resources.resw which are then to be translated under name entered the relationship.
This means that Windows automatically 10 apps open checks to see whether a folder to set Windows exists 10 language settings, and then the values from [value] this language are automatically issued without another script
en-US Resources.resw

If there is an additional file in the same language then they will be displayed
Here when the German de or de-DE is available

Or under the standard in en-US, which was registered in the file Package.appxmanifest under Default Language


Subject: UWP universal Windows app in Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015
#: Localisation multi language multilingual


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