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Registration of the app failed. [0x80073CF3]



Error message when creating the application:


DEP0700: Registration ft he app failed. [0x80073CF3] The Microsoft Programmer.d.WebCamonTop_2.2.22.0_x86__7ybgfjdkkdkmr package cannot be installed by Windows because it depends on a framework that was not found. Set the  Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.Debug.1.6 framework, published by CN=Microsoft Corporation, O=Microsoft Corporation, L=Redmond, S=Washington, C=US, with a neutral or x86 processor architecture  and Minimum version 1.6.24903.0 along with the package to be installed.

The currently installed frameworks named Microsoft.NET.Native.Framework.Debug.1.6 are:



You have to set up the min version in the application



Switching the Build Platform: from x86 to all Platforms.

This makes all installation platforms available (32 bit and 64bit)


Under Project->Build->change the platform to x64 and set the Target Plaform to x64 if possible



Error message


Error CS0103: The name ApplicationData does not exist in the current context
Registration of the app failed. 0x80073CF3
VS Error: Unable to load DLL sqlite3.dll
Error: Build action Page is not supported by the specific combination of project targets.
UWP Error: ApplicationView does not contain a definition for TryEnterViewModeAsync
UWP error: The app manifest points to the image that has no candidate in the main app package
UWP Error: layout cycle detected
UWP Fehler: KeyNotFoundException in LocalSettings
UWP Fehler: Build property AppxBundlePlatforms is not explicitly
UWP: Windows App in den SystemTray verkleinern mit NotifyIcon


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