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How to connect a real smartphone to Xamarin and develop Android apps directly on this smartphone via USB?
First, you connect a real test smartphone to the computer on the USB port

Under Visual Studio ->(in einer Xamarin App)->Menü->Tools->Android SDKs and Tools
Here under the tab: Tools->Extras->Google USB Driver  ->Activate

Then, in Windows 10, you can open the device manager  and find the smartphone under->Portable devices
Here with the right mouse button >Update drivers

The new device driver can be found at
C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver

This USB driver is entered in the path of the driver of the smartphone.
With the driver, you choose the amd64 version

If you now disconnect the smartphone from USB and reconnect it, you will be asked if you can allow USB debugging? should

After that you will find in Visual Studio at Debug->Any CPU->the smartphone (old Sony E6653 Android 7.1)
You may need to restart Visual Studio
Xamarin: Debugging a real smartphone on the USB cable


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