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ASP.NET as copied to make a Web form or UserControl
In ASP.Net projects, WPF and UWP projects you can not simply copy objects (Web form, UserControl, page window).
So you an object (here an ASP.Net UserControl) simply reuse can, you must first copy it and insert again with copy and paste

You can rename the new UserControl then first to the new task
Here rename UcYoutube_copy.ascx to UcAdvertiseTop.ascx

Then rename the inherits in the frontend
So that it contains the same name as the file naming

<%@ Control Language= "vb" AutoEventWireup= "false" behind= "UcAdvertiseTop. ascx.vb" inherits= "myNamespace." UcAdvertiseTop " %>

And the same renaming file must take place in the code-behind so that the class is properly allocated.

ASP.Net: how to copy a Webform or an UserControl
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