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How to create a backend in Asp.Net Core for SPA Frontends?


You need a Asp.Net core backend if you want to access a web server with web clients or client applications like Android and use data.



As frontend, a website in Vue.js, Angular or Blazor can be accessed and request the data from the backend

Native applications such as an Android smartphone can also request data.

The data request expects the data as JSON data




As a backend, Microsoft is ASP.Net Core Server

It accepts requests at an API interface such aswebsite/notes  or website/Notes/1



The advantage of the ASP.Net core server as a backend is that the server can rely on the central databases and user administrations.

Files can also be created and managed there and data can be authenticated.




The data is returned as JSON data to the client



Unlike the regular Asp.Net Core MVC application, the /Controllers run as BaseController.

That is, with the ASP.Net Core application, no views are created as a controller response, but always JSON data responses.





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