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in the Angular form wird no value displayed in the input field or connected. As soon as a <form> tag is installed in the component.html page,

an Angular Material Input field no longer displays a value.



you must insert a name="control" name in the input field.



<form novalidate #f="ngForm">

<div >


    <mat-form-field style="width:400px">

        <mat-label>input string:</mat-label>

        <input matInput name="ctlString" [(ngModel)]="value_string">







        <mat-label>input time:</mat-label>

        <input matInput type="time" name="ctlTime" [(ngModel)]="value_string_time">






Angular with <form> Tag

With the <form> tag, the <input> field in the input form does not work

The value of the ngModel variable is not displayed and not bound.


Cause: the name field must be inserted. The input field must have a name field




Works WITHOUT <form> Tag

Without <form> tag input matInput works correctly and displays values


error TS2304: Cannot find name 'NgForm'


'Creates a top-level FormGroup instance and binds it to a form to track aggregate form value and validation





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