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Angular.js SPA app under Visual Studio and Asp.Net


How to create a simple Asp.Net Core application with Angular.js as frontend.


Angular as SPA

The Angular application in this case is a SPA Single Page Application.

This means that virtually the complete MVC model, the views and the controller are managed in the Angular code. At startup, Angular is embedded in Asp.Net Core and called ClientApp

The web application will start under /ClientApp/index.html.

Main.ts is loaded as Typescript as code page and is linked to the HTML front page.


Angular.js as a script

Angular.js can only be partially embedded as a javascript-library and, like jQuery, can perform more complex functions and operations.


Angular in Visual Studio 2017 and Core




Install Node.js

For Angular.js to run as a web application, Node.js must first be installed on the machine.



For Windows 10, select the Windows Installer-> Windows Intaller (.msi) 64-bit



And after the download start the installation



Default installation directory for node.js is C: \ Program Files \ nodejs \


In Custom Setup leave all components enabled

Install the core Node.js runtime (node.exe)



Create Asp-Core project with Angular SPA frontend

In Visual Studio 2017

In Visual Studio, go to Menu-> File-> New Project

.Net Core or Web

And then choose ASP.NET Core Web Application


Project Template

Then you can under Asp.Net Core 2.1 also select the template: Angular

A project template for creating Asp.Net Core application with Angular

Change Authentication does not change this template




First access:

When starting the first web application, the Windows Defender queries whether Node.js is allowed to execute the server-side Javascript.


Then Angular.js can be started as a web application at https: // localhost: 44390





For Visual Studio 2015/2017 you can find a detailed introduction at

Download the QuickStart source from GitHub


Angular.js SPA app under Visual Studio and Asp.Net


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