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YouTube: Add new channel create


Want to create a new channel on YouTube if you want to publish new videos on YouTube under your own channel, or one,

then you'll find creating a new Youtube Channel in the browser to the computer right up there with the user profile.

You must click the profile image and then select symbol to the small settings


As a result, one comes to the page of your account.


Under the side selection: Overview, you findte your profile account information and the link below can be found:

Create new channel


Page: create YouTube channel & next = %2Faccount

The list shows two areas:

Top: YouTube channels

Bottom: Google plus pages

Here you choose the button: + create new channel


Page: Create new channel:

Then you have the only up new channel name enter

Then select the type:

·       Product or brand,

·       Company organisation or

·       Art, sports, or entertainment

·       Miscellaneous

Then accept the terms and conditions terms of use and ready

Upload videos

Upload public and private videos in your new channel


Join the conversation

Comment on videos with your channel name


In all Google services

Her new channel is automatically also a Google + page.



Channel set up:

Now the channel is already created and you only need to set this

Add channel image

Enter channel description and provider information


And then also right under the other channels as selection, you'll find this new channel




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