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Android Developer: Registration, registration start


If you would like to publish an Android app in the Google play store and sell, then you need first formal registration as a

Android Developer. This is one page on the developer and then switches to the developer console right above.

Register as Android will cost 25 euros once about developers. Compared to Apple IOS and Microsoft Developer, you must pay each year up to 75 euros.

Registering with Android is LifeTime, which means that the fee to create an account will be charged only once.


Start as Android Developer:

You must then right up to the DEVELOPER CONSOLE switch...





Google play Developer Console

When you first visit of the Google play Developer Console you must first register.

Here at is Google account, normal used under Google, with Google play, and the portal developer account: Google Developer console connected.

Then just make a cross in the consent form and continue with the payment

Read the agreement for the distribution of developers of Google play and you agree.

I agree to bind my account registration on the agreement for the distribution of developers of Google play.

Prepare your credit card, to the next step the Registration fee of $ 25 to pay.


Registration with MasterCard:

Registration runs over credit card even if you have already an AdSense account at Google.

Is needed so a credit card MasterCard, visa or other credit card system.


Google play developer registration fee

Quantity: 1 25 US dollars


The payment is then confirmed




Enter registration data and complete


To complete the registration, you must then enter the developer's information and complete the registration.

This displays data with apps play store with developers in the Google.




Name of the developer:   Raymond Popp, Stuttgart-Nürtingen, Germany


Users see the developer name in the name of your app.


Email address


Phone number + 49-7022-9319004


Login with your Google account

Accept agreement for developers

Pay registration fee

Complete account details



Statements, use the Google play Developer Console


After the SSO and registration you get the standard interface of the developer console.

You will find the link own apps in the Google Apps play store all links in the first icon.



Insert app in the Google play store


You gotta go in the developer console > Android > all apps

Only the button: + Add new app

Click and have the determination of a new app can be prepared.




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