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Datei 1:

free software download
Free ScreenCapture software, which uses the print button to create a screen copy on the monitor and then display it with a red frame.
You can drag the frame at the red corners to the appropriate cutout and use the thick OK button in the center to take over this cutout.
Then you have to insert the screen section in Word or Powerpoint with Ctrl-V only.

In Word you just have to paste the clipboard with Ctrl-V
Or via the context menu key (right mouse button)

Here is a little tip:
In MS Word, I always create ScreenShots with shapes and cliparts.
The shapes like arrows, frames, speech bubbles can be found in the menu under Insert / forms.

When the notes are finished, I always create a ScreenShot of exactly this area, mark this area with the mouse by clicking on the left margin next to the graphic and then replace the single element with a snapshot graphic

This graphic is then as a single image in Word.

If you still save Word under .htm, you can also see the graph as a jpg image at the same time

Free Download
Who would like to download the latest version under my website.
The file is currently available as a .zip download on
It is planned to save the software under the Microsoft Store



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