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Internet Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object Specification
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Das iCalendar Spezifikation Format   Referenz 1998

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Das iCalendar Spezifikation Format   Referenz 1998

Zum Beispiel der Time Identifier, den man dringend braucht
4.2.19 Time Zone Identifier

Parameter Name: TZID

Purpose: To specify the identifier for the time zone definition for a
time component in the property value.

Format Definition: This property parameter is defined by the
following notation:

tzidparam = "TZID" "=" [tzidprefix] paramtext CRLF

tzidprefix = "/"

Description: The parameter MUST be specified on the "DTSTART",
"DTEND", "DUE", "EXDATE" and "RDATE" properties when either a DATE-
TIME or TIME value type is specified and when the value is not either
a UTC or a "floating" time. Refer to the DATE-TIME or TIME value type
definition for a description of UTC and "floating time" formats. This
property parameter specifies a text value which uniquely identifies
the "VTIMEZONE" calendar component to be used when evaluating the
time portion of the property. The value of the TZID property
parameter will be equal to the value of the TZID property for the
matching time zone definition. An individual "VTIMEZONE" calendar
component MUST be specified for each unique "TZID" parameter value
specified in the iCalendar object.

The parameter MUST be specified on properties with a DATE-TIME value
if the DATE-TIME is not either a UTC or a "floating" time.

The presence of the SOLIDUS character (US-ASCII decimal 47) as a
prefix, indicates that this TZID represents a unique ID in a globally
defined time zone registry (when such registry is defined).

Note: This document does not define a naming convention for time
zone identifiers. Implementers may want to use the naming
conventions defined in existing time zone specifications such as
the public-domain Olson database [TZ]. The specification of
globally unique time zone identifiers is not addressed by this
document and is left for future study.

The following are examples of this property parameter:



The TZID property parameter MUST NOT be applied to DATE-TIME or TIME
properties whose time values are specified in UTC.

The use of local time in a DATE-TIME or TIME value without the TZID
property parameter is to be interpreted as a local time value,
regardless of the existence of "VTIMEZONE" calendar components in the
iCalendar object.

For more information see the sections on the data types DATE-TIME and

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