the IIS Web server on Windows. What is the cause, what web requests cause some Web pages to hang up?




1.               Opening the web server

2.               Open Worker Processes

3.               Open Process with High CPU %

4.               Open the current Request website

Monitoring IIS Web Requests


IIS->Server->Worker Processes

Open the Application Pool  Name, which has a high CPU %  load

Monitoring IIS Web Requests



Investigation Problem Web Requests

Under Worker Processes->Process with High CPU% ->Actions: View Current Requests

Monitoring IIS Web Requests


Current Requests

Under the list Requests you will find all current web requests, which are called up and processed on the website

Monitoring IIS Web Requests



Note / Info:

Under Request->Actions, the Action: View Current Requests is only visible when the IIS Windows feature is installed

Server Roles->Web Server (IIS) ->Web Server>System and Diagnostics>All Enabled

1.               HTTP logging

2.               tracing

3.               Requirements monitored

4.               Custom logging

5.               ODBC Logging

6.               Logging tools


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