Instructions for DAC Desktop App Converter
The DAC Desktop App Converter from Microsoft allows you to convert a classic desktop application (WPF or Windows Forms)
In a UWP application, which can be loaded into the Windows Store.
The DAC Converter creates a Visual Studio solution with a UWP project. The project contains the .exe file of the Win32 application and also creates an appxmanifest file with the correct entries.
In addition, the certification of a certificate is necessary, which is necessary for UWP projects.
The application of the DAC converter is very complicated, with problems and laborious, but in the end offers the right settings of the UWP app as a result.
Alternatively, it is recommended to manually extend the application to a UWP application.
To do this, a javascript UWP project containing the appxmanifest file and containing the store images must be added to the project in the VS Solution.
To manually extend the Win32 app to a UWP project, see
Instructions for using the DAC converter
The simple description for running the Desktop App Converter is available at:
Instructions for DAC Desktop App Converter
DAC Desktop App Converter
The Desktop App Converter can be found as a download app in the Windows Store, although it is only a console application.
Instructions for DAC Desktop App Converter
BaseImage Download
Second, you need the current BaseImage of Windows 10.
With winver you can find the current version of Windows 10 on the computer
Here it is the version 1703 or the build 15063.413
Instructions for DAC Desktop App Converter                             
Requirements for DAC
Attention: you need Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise to run the DAC
Windows 10 Anniversary Update (10.0.14393.0 and later) - Pro or Enterprise edition

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