Error message:

Windows10_Store_AppPackage_1.1.7.0_scale-100.appx not found



The error occurs when you try to complete an application for the Microsoft Store with the current Visual Studio 2017 and the Windows 10 Creators Update.


After attempting to create an upload package for the Microsoft Appstore, the milking remains that a ..Scale-100 apx package would be missing.

Store Error: scale-100.appx not found






File 'C:\_Daten\Desktop\UWP\Win10_WebCam_on_Top\Win10_WebCam_on_Top\bin\x64\Release\Win10_WebCam_on_Top_1.1.7.0_scale-100.appx' not found.


The error occurs when creating an upload package for a UWP Store app under the current project on Menu Bar-> Project-> Store-> Create App Packages

Store Error: scale-100.appx not found



Solution: you can download a StorePackageHotFix as a zip file.

Then it is usually recommended to use the Apply.cmd to install the Microsoft.AppxPackage.Targets via the Command window of Visual Studio.

Store Error: scale-100.appx not found


If the installation does not work via Apply.cmd, for example, if the installation path is not found in the Visual Studio Community 2017 Edition,

Then you can also easily go to the Visual Studio directory for the AppxPackge.Targets file, rename this file to a _bak version, and then copy the file Microsoft.AppxPackage.Targets to the Visual Studio directory.

Store Error: scale-100.appx not found



Afterwards, the Create an AppPackage simply goes through and also creates the Windows App Certification Kit.

Store Error: scale-100.appx not found




Also applies:

Error: File 'C: \ somepath \ bin \ ARM \ Release \ App_1.1.218.0_scale-100.appx' not found.

Using Visual Studio 2017 Community.

Windows 10 Creators Update

Windows 10 SDK 10.0.15063

Developer Command Prompt for Visual Studio 2017 in Administrator mode

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