Change to Userfriendly URL:

Modern websites have read-only URL addresses, which are read like a file path. This spelling is called userfriendly URL and from most SEO is recommended as first recommended here a conversion of old addresses to this spelling.

On the server, the processing of unique webpage addresses and querystring parameters are converted to a path-like breadcrumb address. This process is very time-consuming and thus also costly.

So the question remains: Is a subsequent change from conventional websites with webpage querying structures to userfriendly addresses?

I've done a reorganization, and then evaluated Google Adsense access numbers.



A subsequent conversion from classic URL addresses to userfriendly URL addresses has no positive effect. The ranking effects only recover after one year.



Subject: Userfriendly URL, Breadcrumbs, http Redirect, URL Rewrite



With the conversion to Userfriendly URL addresses, the daily number of pageviews and visits has fallen.

Unfortunately, here is not only a time effect to recognize, but rather even a general drop, which needs at least a year to restore the previous access numbers.

Google SEO: Change to Userfriendly URL Addresses

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