Change to https:

Last year, Google announced that it wants to improve websites with a secure SSL structure in the future and has therefore recommended that all operators of websites switch to certified backups.

I changed my web pages to the new https: // structure and the change on the daily accesses over several web pages observed.

The changeover therefore affects websites which begin with the uncertain URL address http: // on the Secure Socket Layer SSL secured sites with https: //.

A change to a secured website is very complex and costly for the operators of websites. The use of higher certificates costs very much money and partly hardly affordable. In addition, the certificate must be renewed regularly on the server. The free conversion to site certificates is only possible with the help of Letsencrypt, which can automatically create certificates and automatically integrate them into a website.

So the question arises, one really should convert a working website from http: // to SSL https: //?

According to my estimate, it takes at least 9 months until the loss of daily pageviews has recovered the old level.


Changeover www:

In addition, the use of unique Canonical subaddresses is also recommended when migrating from SSL. This means that for websites two addresses with the prefix www. And without abbreviation www. Are present, but only a spelling is preferred.



After a change of a website from unsecured http: // to the SSL, the daily accesses and pageviews initially fall off clearly.


Subject: SSL, http: //, https: //, Secure Socket Layer, LetsEncrypt, Certificate, Canonical URL www, Google Adsense, Google Analytics


Analysis Trend:

Changes in daily access to some websites

As you can see, switching to SSL has led to a temporary drop in the number of pageviews and visits.

Google SEO: Temporary negative drop effect when switching to SSL https

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