Counterfeit Credit Emails as Datathiefs and Data Collectors
Have you received an unsolicited email with "Credit despite Schufa"?
Behind the majority of emails are fraudulent data sieves, which want to come to real data via detours.
The sources come from Russia .ru and Soviet Union .su
It is noticeable that the email senders are chopped accounts or temporary accounts.
Credit Emails: Counterfeit as Datathiefs
Link to Russian sites
If you are responding to an email of this kind and click on the link, then you are automatically redirected to a Russian site.
The fake credit sites offer very cheap loans and offers, if one would enter personal data for the application.
The purpose of this
Credit Emails: Counterfeit as Datathiefs
The data inputs are then forwarded to Russian computers.
Where your data will end up, everyone can think for themselves.
The main addresses are addresses such as: and
In any case, there will not be any serious credit offers.
Credit Emails: Counterfeit as Datathiefs
Texts of supposedly forged emails

Kredit trotz Schufa online bis zu 100 000 Euro mit direkter Zusage!



Ihre ganz persönlichen Vorteile:
  • kostenlose Onlineanfrage
  • direkte Sofortzusage
  • Entscheidung online
  • schnelle Abwicklung
  • attraktive Konditionen
  • nicht Zweckgebunden


Forwarding to Russia
Shortly after clicking on a link, the pages on chopped servers are redirected to other temporary servers.
Credit Emails: Counterfeit as Datathiefs
As imprint you can find different information, which is just as wrong as the security certificates on the lower side
Credit Emails: Counterfeit as Datathiefs
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