C #: Calculate directory path from file string
C # Code Snippet:
Retrieve the path from a filename with the entire path and extension
It checks if the position of the last backslash is shorter than the entire string length, and if it is shorter, in C #, you take the substring up to the position where the last backslash character occurs.

//-< correct: Folder >-
//*C:\_Daten\Desktop\Test\Test_Fotos\Karotten 2016-12-23 131034.jpg
start_Folder = "C:\\_Daten\\Karotten 2016-12-23 131034.jpg";
if (start_Folder.LastIndexOf("\\")<start_Folder.Length )
start_Folder= start_Folder.Substring(0, start_Folder.LastIndexOf("\\"));
//-</ correct: Folder >-

In the breakpoint under Visual Studio you can see the individual positions and lengths and the substring determination in the watch window.
C #: Calculate directory path from file string

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