Chrome extension: Adsense
How to install Goole Adsense as an extension in the Chrome browser
If you have Google Chrome on your own website, then you can not click on the advertisement, which is displayed there.
Otherwise, Google Adsense may receive a warning or notice.
If you would like to occasionally click on the advertisement on your own website in order to get to the advertising content of the offerer, then you should install the extension in Google Chrome:
Google Publisher Toolbar.
This is then visible in the upper right corner of the browser and allows you to cover your own advertisements with a colored overlay.
In addition, by clicking on an infofield of the advertisement to get the details of the advertising and on the one hand the revenue from this advertisement and also to the destination URL of the advertisement itself forward.
The Google Adsense / Publisher Toolbar is located in the upper right corner of the Chrome browser.
Chrome extension: Adsense
View the ad and load details
By clicking on the infofeld directly at the advertisement or in the overview on the details link the advertising details for the advertisement are displayed.
Here you can also go to the actual URL with the destination URL.
Chrome extension: Adsense
And you can then switch to the advertiser's page via the destination URL link
Target website of advertising
Chrome extension: Adsense
The extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store:
Installing the Google Publisher Toolbar (Adsense)
Link: Chrome Webstore-> Google Publisher Toolbar
Click the Add button to install the extension in ChromeBrowser.
Chrome extension: Adsense
Then you must activate one or more of the Google resources
Google Adsense
DoubleClick for Publishers, DoubleClick AdExcahnge
View information about your ads in AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers, monitor your account, and block unwanted ads directly on your site.
Chrome extension: Adsense
Aktivieren von Google Adsense
Enable Google Publisher Toolbar access
Google Publisher Toolbar would like:
  • Know who you are on Google    
  • Check your e-mail address        
  • View and manage AdSense data
  • View and manage Google support queries

Confirm with Allow
Chrome extension: Adsense

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