Delete cookies for a Web page
Under the Google browser's are chrome repeated problems with the Microsoft pages.
The problem seems to arise often when pages were written under Microsoft MVC and does not properly manage the cache.
Who has problems to open a Web page with chrome or Firefox, which can delete the cookies of a single Web page or reset.
To do this, click on the top left of the Web address on the icon for the Web page.
This all properties to the Web page displays popups like cookies, location, camera, microphone, notifications, images, Javascript.
Click on the link: the Web page for details
Delete cookies for a Web page
Then you can delete the cookies individually with the button: remove
And then refresh the Web page.
The cookies are thus recalculated at run time and generates.
Delete cookies for a Web page
Bad request - request too long
Access to a Microsoft Web page under Google chrome
Delete cookies for a Web page
After removing the cookies, the Web page is built up back to normal.
Delete cookies for a Web page

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