Word macro: Automatic correction of wrong translation links


Subject: Word document translations with links to the address


If you translate Word documents with Microsoft Word translator into another language, then the links in the document be transferred Translatoruser.NET to link to the address.

With a macro, you can automatically correct the links provided both versions (the English translation and the German original) are still in the entire Word document.  


Word macro: Automatic correction of wrong translation links



Here the complete macro, which exchanges the defective links with the original links

Word macro:

Sub change_Links()
'-----------------< change_Links() >-----------------
Dim link_Trans As Hyperlink
Dim iLink As Integer
For iLink = 1 To ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Count
'< get wrong >
Set link_Trans = ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks(iLink)
'</ get wrong >

'Address : "" : String : ThisDocument.change_Links
If link_Trans.Address Like "*translatoruser.*" Then
'----< Change Translatoruser >----
Dim sLink_Text As String
sLink_Text = link_Trans.TextToDisplay
'< search rightLink >
Dim iSearch As Integer
'----< @Loop: Good Links >----
For iSearch = 1 To ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks.Count
Dim link As Hyperlink
Set link = ActiveDocument.Hyperlinks(iSearch)
If LCase(link.TextToDisplay) = LCase(link_Trans.TextToDisplay) Then
If Not link.Address Like "*translatoruser.*" Then
'< change link >
link_Trans.Address = link.Address
'</ change link >
End If
End If
'----</ @Loop: Good Links >----
'</ search rightLink >
'----</ Change Translatoruser >----
End If
'-----------------</ change_Links() >-----------------
End Sub




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