AVM Fritz box: change password
Where to change the login password for the Fritzbox.
.. so the password which must enter directly in the browser on the Web address.
Option 1:
Under - > wholesale > (left) menu > system > FRITZ! Box user
Then click the tab tab application in home network change
Then under logon for access from home network
In the field: FRITZ! Box password enter the new password and then accept the button press.
AVM Fritz box: change password
The strength of the password will appear as you type.
AVM Fritz box: change password
FRITZ! Box user - > Fritzbox password
Here, you determine whether the FRITZ! The FRITZ box settings or other services! An application requires box for use in the home network. A registration is recommended for security reasons.
Sign in to access from home network
Registration with FRITZ! Box user name and password
Registration with the FRITZ! Box password
If this option is activated for the first time or is reactivated, needs a new FRITZ! Box password be set. Settings this FRITZ! To see a box or to change or to get information, each user must be with the common FRITZ! Box password to login.
FRITZ! Box password
The access to the FRITZ! Box is possible only after entering the specified password here. Well keep it up!
If you have forgotten the password, the user interface can be opened again until, when the FRITZ! Box to factory settings has been reset. Here go all settings in the FRITZ! Box lost.
No registration (not recommended)
After a logoff and re log under the new login should be password valid
AVM Fritz box: change password
Option 2:
You can change the password, by you immediately after logging on to the Fritz box in the top menu under logged in the DropDown box opens and the menu item: choose change password .
AVM Fritz box: change password
Under the point of System > Fritz! Box user you can also in the area of the tab: user adjustments
Aim but to users for the area MyFritz set. Under MyFritz can be accessed through the browser on general list
AVM Fritz box: change password
By entering in the browser
Then the following functions and lists appear:
Calls, voicemail, SmartHome and NAS storage
AVM Fritz box: change password
FRITZ! Box user can be applied to the access to information or settings this FRITZ! Box from the home network to set individually for each user.
FRITZ the users use all services with your ID! Box.
FRITZ! Box user must be attached, if from the Internet to the FRITZ! Box to be accessed.

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