ScreenMirroring: Stops the TV connection
In the Screenmirroring, it comes repeatedly crashes as soon as you want to Samsung TV link from a 10 to a Windows PC.
There is an approach to solving in the current Insider version of Windows 10 may:
You must register an address match:
Fail after you upgrade to this build from build 14291, establish that the connection will connect to a Miracast receiver. The workaround to this State is to go to this registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\SharedAccess\
Parameter "and select" StandaloneDhcpAddress "and change the value from""in" "(Werttyp ist REG_SZ). Then retry the connection to the receiver Miracast.
to "192.168. 137. 1 "
Solved Screen Mirroring: Stops the TV connection
Then, you click with the right of article feeds on the value field of the StandaloneDhcpAdress and then select:
And 192.1687.137.1 enters the value
Solved Screen Mirroring: Stops the TV connection
Create from the Windows preview 10 insider 14295
Solved Screen Mirroring: Stops the TV connection

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