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UWP: Open the file Explorer from a Windows app


I would like to start the file Explorer from my Windows 10 app and do open a folder whose path I want to pass at boot.

(UWP, universal Windows platform application)



To do this, use the Launcher in window 10. The Launcher can open files, directories, search results and Web paths.

About Launcher. LaunchFolderAsync (folder) can open a directory object to display.

So that you can pass a directory, you must this previously with Storagefolder. Determine GetFolderFromPathAsync(Path) .

        private async void menuItem_Open_Explorer (object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)


            -< menuItem_Open_Explorer() > -.

            < get folder >

            string sPath path; =

            StorageFolder folder = await StorageFolder. GetFolderFromPathAsync(sPath);

            < / get folder >


            < open file Explorer >

            await Launcher. LaunchFolderAsync(folder);

            < / open file Explorer >

            -< / menuItem_Open_Explorer() > -.



For this purpose, the namespaces are needed for the folder and the Launcher:

using Windows.System; //Launcher

using Windows.Storage; //Files File.AccessMode



For example I start that open Explorer event with a flyout menu. This starts the Click Event -> menuItem_open_Explorer

        <TextBlock x : Name = "ctlTitel" Grid.Column "1" = Text = "Folder" FontFamily = "Arial" FontSize = "14" TextTrimming = "Clip" TextWrapping = "Wrap" IsTextSelectionEnabled = "True" VerticalAlignment "Center" Margin= "3,0,0,0"

                IsHitTestVisible = "True" RightTapped = "ctlTitel_RightTapped"  >

            <FlyoutBase.AttachedFlyout >

                <MenuFlyout x : Name = "menuFolderTitle" Placement = 'Right'  >

                    <MenuFlyoutItem Text FlowDirection= "LeftToRight" = "open Explorer" click= "menuItem_Open_Explorer"> < /MenuFlyoutItem>                   





The open Explorer context menu to trigger the event



It follows that the file Explorer as a separate application is started

And thereby open the specified folder


as video tutorial


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