Download: ScreenShot to Clipboard Version 14 14.06.2017   14508 Download: ScreenShot to Clipboard Version 14 With the window application Screenshot to Clipboard, you can mark sections on the screen directly and transfer them to the cache This eliminates the tedious post-processing under Word and other programs When the software is installed, the screen copy is created as before by the Print button
Download: ScreenShot to Clipboard Version 14
Screencapture to Clipboard 17.05.2017   5531 free software download Free ScreenCapture software, which uses the print button to create a screen copy on the monitor and then display it with a red frame You can drag the frame at the red corners to the appropriate cutout and use the thick OK button in the center to take over this cutout Then you have to insert the screen section in Word or Powerpoint with Ctrl-V only
Screencapture to Clipboard

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