OK: Show IIS Webrequests: Command execution failed. Not implemented 12.05.2021   214 problem: The command or function to view all active web requests on an IIS Web server is not running The function does not exist in the IIS When calling the function by console, the command appears as unimplemented appcmd list requests ERROR ( hresult:80004001, message:Command execution failed Not implemented ) In der Windows CMD Console
OK: Show IIS Webrequests: Command execution failed. Not implemented
Monitoring IIS Web Requests 12.05.2021   142 problem: the IIS Web server on Windows What is the cause, what web requests cause some Web pages to hang up? solution: 1 Opening the web server 2 &nb
Monitoring IIS Web Requests
Erstellen einer Web-App (einer App Service-App) 12.04.2021   224 Create a web app (an App Service app) Azure Portal control areas
Erstellen einer Web-App (einer App Service-App)
Add a Microsoft Identity Framework to an existing database 16.02.2021   285 If you have an existing Asp Net Core application and want to integrate a secure user management system, then you can create a Asp Net Core ->Angular React application with Authentication Identity After that, you only have to integrate the database to the existing database via update database The Identity Framework creates a comple
Add a Microsoft Identity Framework to an existing database
Add full text in a database, enable it 15.02.2021   195 What do you need full text for? To significantly speed up the search for words for large amounts of data How does Fulltext work? Each record in a table is stored by SQL Server as a single word in a word directory as an internal table This allows you to search for a word or a similar word quickly and all results are displayed where the word occurs
Add full text in a database, enable it
Estimation of database sizes 11.02.2021   191 How big is a SQL Datenbank in Microsoft SQL Server My example is a CMS database with 4000 blog posts The database will then reach about 300MB Once you create a full text index, the size quickly doubles to 500MB So very roughly the rule:
Estimation of database sizes
Cost Azure CosmosDB 11.02.2021   182 How much does Microsoft Azure's CosmosDB cost? Azure Cosmos DB is a non-relational NoSQL database With Azure Cosmos DB's Free tier, you get 400 RU s and 5 GB of storage for one account You can activate the Free tier for a maximum of one account per subscription Estimated discount per account: 24 USD month
Cost Azure CosmosDB
Kosten Web App Azure 11.02.2021   221 Cost Web App Azure How much does a WebA or Web app cost in Azure? A simple web app costs 0 euros to 1GB of data per month in Azure Web, mobile, or API apps A web application up to 10GB of data costs 53 euros per month
Kosten Web App Azure
Create azure SQL database 10.02.2021   231 Under Server*->Create a new Azure SQL database with the details Server Name: timerecords database windows net Server administrator with passwords Location: Europe West, Northern Europe and UK South How much does a SQL database cost per year on Azure?
Create azure SQL database
Connect your own Azure Domain .com .net or .org .biz 10.02.2021   205 If you wantto use Azure with a local domain like then this will be done via the App Service Domain Unfortunately, only the following top-level domains are possible: com , net , co uk, org , nl, in,
Connect your own Azure Domain .com .net or .org .biz

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