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ASP.NET: Shall I Change now to ASP.Net core?
Microsoft advertises at all points to move from WPF to UWP and ASP.NET to ASP.Net core
After I now for a year all day at universal Windows platforms apps worked, I can not recommend a change from WPF to UWP.
It lacks just loads of features and tools and programming is heavily restricted in many places, what is immediately visible, if you each get access only to files on a file share dialog box.
Universal create good Phone Apps apps but No one can seen as good desktop utilities.
After this realization, and a year of time Schwendung the question arises for me:
Is a change to ASP.Net core waste of time also?
What do you recommend? Change or not? WPF to UWP and ASP.Net to ASP.Net Core ?



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