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Windows: The Bridge Project Centennial to convert old programs in Windows apps is released


Finally, the project Centennial has been released by Microsoft. The so-called bridge technology to cast old Windows programs to new Windows store apps.

This can make the new Windows apps in the Windows store and deploy them from there and to expand the apps with typical Windows app functions as the starting tile, push notifications, and some other features.

Technically, Windows Forms and WPF in UWP be converted, by transforming the existing projects in new two part projects. While a part of the new project solution like the old program development work, and the other part accepts the deployment features for the Windows app store



What makes Centennial?


It converts old programs, see Windows Forms and WPF Windows Presentation Forms in new UWP Windows universal platform programs.


-        You can upload the new programs in the Windows store and therefore sell the Windows store

-        You can adjust the starting tiles, tiles in the launch area

-        You can build a Nofifications, notifications



Thank you for your interest in "Project Centennial."

Two weeks ago at the annual Microsoft build conference, we announced the desktop app converter, which can be used to bring existing Win32 and .NET applications to the universal Windows platform.

Today, we're happy to announce the availability of the preview of the desktop app converter, which works with Windows 10 insider preview build 14316, to help you bring your existing applications to UWP.

Take a look at the desktop conversion page on dev center to learn how to get started.

Please share your feedback on UserVoice as you work on bringing your desktop apps to UWP so we can continue to improve your conversion and development experience.




Project Centennial website


Bring your desktop app to the universal Windows platform

Convert your desktop app to a UWP app and enhance it with features such as live tiles, notifications, Cortana, and more!


Benefits of converting a desktop app to a UWP app

·        App model. The converted app has a well-defined app model and a deployment experience that ensures clean install, uninstall, and seamless updates. The behavior and performance (including startup) of users' systems remain pristine.

·        App identity. A UWP app has features such as push notifications, live tile updates, on identity, which enables and in-app product offers for your app.

·        Enhancement app. At your own pace, you can add UWP features to your app such as background tasks, app services, and many more. You can use the rich UWP feature set in your app.

·        Reach every Windows device. Once all functionality moves from the full-trust portion of your app and into the app container serving, your app will be able to reach every Windows device.






Announcing Windows 10 insider preview build 14316


You need 10 new Windows to be able to run preview build 14316 to the project Centennial

But without information about the centennial











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