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Microsoft Platform Zombies
Trend Windows Developer Platforms 2017/2018.
UWP zombie baby
For me, UWP belongs to the Microsoft Zombie Platforms 2017.
Microsoft has not managed to say goodbye to the failed Windows Phone Misery and drives its UWPhone as an innovation for software developers on.
Somehow you have the feeling that Microsoft hopes in the old style that the developers will eventually recognize Microsoft as the only force.
UWP was already built with Windows 8 and then crashed so much that Microsoft even had to omit the Windows version 9 and Windows 10 had to introduce free in the market with a return to the classic Windows 7 interface.
Meanwhile, the Microsoft smartphone landed on the dump and was pulped. But now Microsoft has plugged so much into the Software Platform UWP Phone that it will be sold as a novelty with every Windows Update, introducing one-two graphical gimmicks and then that's it.

WPF Windows Prevention Foundation
WPF was the forerunner of UWP and currently the current platform for developing Windows desktop applications. It has the largest remaining spread on the market among the Microsoft Platform Boliden.
Unfortunately, WPF has not been adopted by programmers for a long time, as Microsoft has always refused to install Windows 32 features. But over the last 20 years, most of the features have been integrated directly or through third-party vendors and you can and could work with them stably. However, I have never completed the platform and so it remains as a half platform corpse.
WPF will live another 10 to 20 years because the necessary insight into working is: Never touch a running system. But the Microsoft platform dies out and the cause is Microsoft itself.
Therefore, my opinion is that in 2017, as a software developer, you will now turn to Java and Phyton.

Windows Forms
Windows Forms or WinForms has been the first Windows suitable programming platform to build Windows 32 programs. And even today you can say that simple software development and small programs can be done quickly with Winforms.
But after 20 years of good service Windows Forms platform is now at the end. You can tell by the fact that you hardly ever look for software developers for this.

Microsoft seems to be more and more stiffening on the backend technologies. That is, Azure and servers make money.
So Microsoft is increasingly evolving to the former IBM and may replace it.
For companies and specialized programmers, there will be a stable future here as well.
Conclusion: The era of Microsoft desktop developer platforms has come to an end. Microsoft has overslept the time


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